Auto Tune Up

Is your car not performing as well as it used to when you first got it? It’s probably time for an auto tune up! If you notice a decrease in gas mileage or your engine just seems to be running a little rougher than usual, schedule a tune up at Napa Auto Parts in Perham, MN today! Tune ups extend the life of your car and should be performed on a regular basis.

car-battery-replacement-csWe include the following services in our tune ups to help get your car running as smoothly as possible:

  • Air, oil and fuel filter replacement
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Oil change
  • Timing belt inspection
  • Fluid flush
  • Battery inspection
  • Tire inspection and rotation

Contact us today at 218-346-7557 to schedule your auto tune up! Your car will thank you for it.

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